# Introduction: [Text Generator](https://text-gen.com/) is an open-source **AI Assistant Tool** that brings the power of [[Artificial Intelligence Basics#Generative Artificial Intelligence|Generative Artificial Intelligence]] to the power of knowledge creation and organization in [[Obsidian Basics|Obsidian]]. > *The possibilities are endless!* Text Generator Plugin! Enhance Your Obsidian Experience with AI Leverage AI-driven templates and smart content generation for effortless note-taking and streamlined content creation. ## Get Started: [[0- Get Started|here's]] how to Get started with Text Generator. > [!tip] Support Text Generator Project > Please consider donating to the **Text Generator project** to help us continue developing and maintaining this software. Your support is greatly appreciated! [Buy Me a Coffee](https://www.buymeacoffee.com/haouarine) > [!success] Discord > Join us to connect with like-minded people, share your interests, and build a community. > Join us now: [https://discord.gg/BRYqetyjag](https://discord.gg/BRYqetyjag) > [!info] What's New > Check all the changes in the [releases page](https://github.com/nhaouari/obsidian-textgenerator-plugin/releases) > [!warning] > Documentation in **progress**. ## Special Thanks Special thanks to the [Obsidian Plugin Developer Docs](https://marcus.se.net/obsidian-plugin-docs/) and the [Obsidian Team](https://obsidian.md/) for hosting the Text Generator Plugin documentation. Heartfelt gratitude to the contributors of [obsidian-plugins-galore](https://github.com/plugins-galore/obsidian-plugins-galore) and [quickadd](https://github.com/chhoumann/quickadd) for their open-source code that was instrumental in developing this plugin.